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Premium LiFePO4 battery technology for automotive, residential, commercial & mining 

Lion Power Australia is a premium supplier of LiFePO4 battery technology.

  • Proven reliable and safe technology in Australian Mining

  • Tested in the harshest of environments

  • LiFePO4 chemistry supported with a robust battery management system

West Australian owned & operated

At Lion Power Australia we believe in and support our range of premium lithium ferro phosphate batteries.

The energy efficient technology is lightweight, protected and monitored by a robust battery management system and has a wide operating temperature range.

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Battery Supply

Custom Projects & Applications

LPA can supply lithium batteries for a range of applications contact us with your required application and let us go to work on a suitable Lithium battery product specific to your requirements.

LPA have been involved in many projects from supplying a smart watch with a larger lithium battery through to a current project supplying and installing 250KWH of Battery Energy Storage System for the Indian Ocean Rock Lobster in Cervantes.


No project is too small or large.


Lithium iron vs lithium ion

Lithium iron batteries and lithium-ion batteries are different products. Read more about the difference in this article

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Meet The Lion Team

Lion Power Australia has a very close relationship with the manufacturer allowing us to visit the facility regularly maintaining Quality Assurance and Quality Control in all our products.


LPA is also heavily involved with the designing and constant refining of our products.